Services to School Districts

U-CAN provides information and/or assistance to various contracted California school districts.  Through class size meetings, small groups, individual sessions, high school students receive the following services/support:

  •   Outreach, Recruitment, Support and Resource Information
  •   Student/Parent Consultation and Workshops
  •   Course Selection and Career Development Assistance
  •   College Preparedness Including SAT/ACT Testing
  •   Admission/Scholarship Eligibility Consultation
  •   Review of Transcripts
  •   Financial Aid and Scholarships
  •   Housing Assistance
  •   Personal Counseling/Support Services
  •   Leadership Development and Training
  •   Home Visits
  •   Annual  College Recruitment Fair and Mid-Year Follow up Reports
  •   End of School Year Networking Events
  •   Athletics Scholar Reviews

Parent/families contacts, updates and engagement activities are offers during the school year and summers.

Visitations to Colleges Serving U-CAN Students (Follow Up Support)

Individual Client Services for Fees

Our objective is to provide expert guidance for admission to a college or university. We can help students and families with:

  • College selection
  • Career paths
  • Academic major, curriculum and course load
  • Personal and educational goals
  • Financial aid
  • Preparation of application forms

Dr. Rowe employs his unique experience and skills, as well as the impact of his 20+ years relationships …….working closely with college admissions officers and presidents to help students and families realize their dream of attending college.  Our organization is committed to assisting students to achieve the best possible opportunities and outcomes for a successful college admissions experience.

To assist each student in accomplishing the goal of successful college admission, Dr. Rowe will compile an individual student academic evaluation and career assessment plan. This process will assess the student’s career ambition(s) in relation to academic achievements. U-CAN will conduct an in-depth interview with both student and parents in order to evaluate the student’s unique strengths and interests. Based on this analysis, recommendations will be made that will:

  • Recognize personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Evaluate personal goals versus academic achievement.
  • Identify career options that fit within the student’s skill level.
  • Suggest alternative career paths.
  • Identify academic institutions that match career profiles.
  • Create a timetable for the education process.
  • Assist in completing the college application process.
  • Assist with evaluating application essays.
  • Advise on selecting a major and courses.
  • Assist in curriculum management.
  • Provide insight into the pursuit of academic grants and loans.
  • Provide orientation to a college or university environment, and to coping with campus life.
  • Financial aid.
  • Preparation of application forms.

Each student will build an electronic college e-portfolio.

U-CAN will make sure that you receive the best information before you make important decisions about your college future.

WE CARE ABOUT PARENTS/FAMILIES.  Parents need to be assured that their children are receiving expert guidance as they embark on this crucial journey. We recognize that parents are students’ first and most important advisors. Our commitment extends to making them involved partners in their child’s educational decisions.

UCAN Go To College!At U-CAN …….. We CAN!

There is a college for your child.

Our initial consultation is a one-hour College Planning and Assessment Interview. The cost for this session is $50.00.

Let us help you get your child off to the college in August/September!

Contact our office for an appointment or additional information.