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Chinelo | U-CAN Alumni

Chinelo Bivens

High School Attended:
C.K. McClatchy
Class of 2007
Undergraduate Institution:
Philander Smith College, Cum Lade
Graduate Institution:
William H. Bowen School of Law
Class of 2014
Current Activity:
Analyst for the Office of Attorney General, Department of Justice, State of California
After having signed the paperwork committing myself to what would become my alma mater U-CAN hosted a picnic for us to get to know the other people who also were going to the different schools that they had chosen. I appreciated that because despite my insistence that I had to leave California and be on my own I had no idea how long it would take me to adjust to no longer being in California. Part of that process was helped by the folks I met at the U-CAN picnic. I complained to them about missing places like Oscar’s and they understood and complained right along with me.
While I am not sure how things would have went without the benefit of that particular U-CAN event I can guarantee that it most certainly played a part in my becoming acclimated to Little Rock Arkansas and thus doing well in the Undergraduate program at Philander Smith College.”